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Are you accepting new patients to the practice?

We have limited availability for newborns. We are currently on a waitlist for all other ages as our panel sizes are limited in each age group to provide this level of care.  Our waitlist for children ages 5 years and older is FULL at this time. We will reach out to families on our waitlist as spots in respective age groups open up.

How do I join the practice?

Enroll here or fill out contact info with your preferred contact method if you would like to schedule a consultation to determine if direct primary care is a good fit for your family.

My child is healthy and only sees the pediatrician once per year.  Why do I need a DPC pediatrician?

We love that your child is healthy and we want to keep them that way year round!   We want to be a part of your family and provide more than just a yearly checkup. 

We've found that many families enjoy the peace of mind of being able to text or call when they have simple questions, appreciate seeing the same doctor every time, have no wait times, longer visits, and more flexible scheduling.  Often we avoid calling our doctors because it is inconvenient.  This way of practicing is amazingly different.

Further, families enjoy the convenience of timely service, excellent customer service, unrushed appointments and comprehensive visits.  With this style of practice, we have the time to spend discussing sleep, nutrition, physical activity, mental health and academics.  Together we can create a plan to optimize your child's health and overall wellbeing.

With that said, children are unpredictable - you never know when a cold, bumps or bruises will happen.  If your child should become ill or injured, the immediate availability of your pediatrician is priceless.  In addition, the cost of a trip to the emergency room or a few urgent care visits sometimes costs more than an entire year's membership fees.

What about insurance?  Do I still need insurance?

YES.  You will still need insurance for hospital care, emergency room visits, testing and other services which are not included in this agreement.  Many patients find that with primary care taken care of, they need only a high deductible insurance plan. 

We do not accept nor participate in any insurance plans, and are considered out-of-network providers.  We use a membership model in order to allow us to see patients free from traditional fee-for-service constraints, meaning longer visits, flexible scheduling and direct access to your physician. 

You will need to continue your insurance coverage to cover immunizations, as well as potential hospital, surgical or specialist bills.  We will provide all of your primary care needs/services for the set monthly fee.  

We recommend that you speak to your insurance agent regarding what type of insurance plan is best for your family, and whether FSA/HSA funds can be used for membership/visits.

How do I pay membership?

Membership fees are charged monthly (on the first day of the month) to your bank account or credit card on file.  Your registration fee of $100 is due at the time of registration.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes.  We require a 30-day written notice for cancellations.  A re-enrollment fee may be assess for families who wish to return after a cancellation.

What services are covered by my membership fee?

See a list of services here

Do you administer vaccines?


Are vaccines included with my membership fee?

No, vaccines are not included in the membership fee but we have partnered with a third-party vaccine program (Vaxcare) to provide your child with the vaccines that they need. They will supply the immunizations, we will administer them to your child, and they will submit the bill to your insurance company for you.  You will be responsible for any copay or coinsurance required by your insurance plan for vaccines.  We follow the CDC recommended vaccine schedule.  Complete Wellness Pediatrics is an evidence-based practice.  If you have any questions about the vaccine schedule or the safety of vaccines, we would be happy to sit down with you to answer all of your questions

Can I afford this personalized care?

There is a one-time $100 enrollment fee, and after that, a monthly fee is based on your child's age. The monthly payment is less than a Starbucks a day. There are no hidden fees, no copays, no coinsurance fees or bills after your visit.  In traditional corporate medicine, a single lactation visit is $150-$300, co-pays for visits are anywhere from $20-$100, co-insurance bills are often unexpected, form completion is $25-$50, and home visits simply don't exist.  With Complete Wellness Pediatrics, ALL of these things are included in your small monthly fee!

What if my child gets sick while out of town?

One of the benefits of such a small practice is that Dr. Logue and Dr. Cross will personally know your child and their medical history very well. If appropriate, long-distance care such as virtual visits or calling in prescription medication can be provided.

What happens if Dr. Logue or Dr. Cross is sick, out of town, or out of the office?

 Drs. Logue and Cross cover each other's patients and will communicate with their families to ensure that all routine and non-urgent matters are cared for prior to any planned absences.  Drs. Logue and Cross will be available to see each other's patients for urgent issues, in the event one arises during your doctor's absence, or if your doctor is out of the office for housecalls, hospital rounds, administrative duties, etc.

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