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Complete Wellness Peds Consulting

Complete Wellness Pediatrics has been a dream come true. The Direct Primary Care model  has allowed us to practice quality medical care without the constraints of insurance seen in traditional Fee For Service practices. 
As liberating as Direct Primary Care can be, building a new practice can be daunting. Providers are not typically educated in business, entrepreneurship or marketing and need to learn as they go. It can be overwhelming and hard to know where to even start.
In navigating how to start and build our pediatric primary care practice over the past two years, we have both learned a great deal. We are passionate that this model is the best way to rescue a broken primary health care  system and want to see more DPC practices open and thrive. Patients want this model as well - most of our families have asked why there aren’t more practices like ours (for kids and for themselves as adults!).

This passion led us to create a DPC consulting package to ease this process for Physicians, ARNP's, or PA's. We have lived and learned and often reflect “I wish I knew then what I know now.” 
This package includes
* An informational document that can help answer many difficult questions and streamline the creation of new DPC practices, adult or pediatric. 
*Examples of many of the documents needed for starting a new practice.
*In addition, we are available for limited question & answer sessions to help guide fellow providers in their journey.  
If you are interested in starting your own DPC Practice and want to inquire about this package, please email us @
or call us at 727-334-8523

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