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Direct Primary Care

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Scheduled Appointments Monday -Thursday

Urgent/Sick Visit Appointments Friday 9am-1pm


Dr. Logue has been our pediatrician since our kids were infants. They absolutely adore her and have never been nervous about going to the doctor. She is a kind and compassionate doctor who provides excellent medical care. It took us about 30 seconds to decide to follow her to Complete Wellness Pediatrics. In the month and a half since we joined, I can say that it has been 100% worth it. I have already saved so much time by just being able to text/call her instead of making appointments that sometimes end up being unnecessary. The best part is the relationship that this type of practice provides. Dr. Logue knows and cares about our kids, and we just think she’s the best!

Julie Stewart

Complete Wellness Pediatrics is one of the first direct primary care (DPC) pediatric practices in St. Petersburg, FL.  We provide high quality, modern medical care but with the benefit of an old-fashioned doctor-patient relationship. We work for our patients, not for insurance companies.  As a smaller practice, we have the ability to devote the time, special attention and care that your child and family deserve from their board-certified pediatrician.  This allows us to create personalized treatment plans that include traditional, integrative and holistic approaches.  For a monthly fee, patients have unlimited well and sick visits, including procedures, behavioral consults and more, as well as direct access to their pediatrician via a secure app for texting/calls/telehealth.


Personalized Care for Your Child


Direct Access to Your Pediatrician


Extended Visits

**Families MUST complete a meet and greet (in person or phone call) prior to enrollment**

**Families must complete a meet and greet PRIOR to enrolling (in person mandatory prior to delivery for house call model)**

5033 Central Ave
Saint Petersburg, Fl 33710

P: 727.334.8523

F: 727-292-1164

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